Chum Tavi

Tavi’s Story

When Tavi came to CGI in 2008, she found herself in a desperate situation. Her husband had recently passed away and she was the sole caregiver of her two young children and a relative. Struggling with her health, she was weak and had no resources to sufficiently care for herself, let alone her family. Aware of her culture’s common practice of trafficking children to make ends meet, she was resolute to seek a better solution.

She approached CGI and requested a sewing machine and seamstress training. Three short years after she began sewing pillow covers, she had inspired over thirty other women in her community to join a sewing team, whose products were to be labeled byTavi.

Today, the byTavi Workshop serves as much more than a vocational training project.

Beyond seamstress training, we desire each woman to realize and reach her full potential. With this in mind, we develop promising young leaders through retreats and additional responsibilities in the workshop. In fact, the byTavi Project is fully managed by a team of women previously employed as seamstresses.


    The workshop operates under fair trade principles, respecting the dignity and health of every employee.


    In addition, daily lunch is provided by CGI and regular health checks are available, including special attention for expecting mothers.


    Every Wednesday, the sewing machines come to a halt as an opportunity is provided for Bible study and worship.

Join a movement that frees women from the bondage of absolute poverty and be the voice for the byTavi women in your community.

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