(So Much) More than a Fashion Statement

My name is Lindsey Green, and I am the intern for CGI working under the lovely Kristen Baynai and Whitney Vance. I get to assist with CGI events and connect with byTavi and Imprint reps. I’m also the assistant manager at JenDaisy boutique in Greenwood, where Friday, October 25th we will launch the Imprint clothing line in our boutique!


Jenny Russell (JenDaisy owner) and our staff are excited to introduce an affordable and stylish fair trade clothing line to JenDaisy customers. We strongly believe in the mission CGI has to empower the poor in Cambodia. Each article of clothing in this line shares a story of restoration and hope that will serve as a conversation-starter to raise awareness on extreme poverty and human trafficking.


I was able to travel to Cambodia four years ago where I met the beautiful ladies and talented seamstresses in CGI’s programs. For four years now they have held a special place in my heart, and I would have never imagined the opportunities I would have to share their stories. Even though I am thousands of miles away from Cambodia, CGI has kept me connected to these women. Having this line at JenDaisy will impact families in Cambodia and I am so thankful for that, but these women have truly impacted me greatly as well. I feel blessed to be a part of the Imprint launch and combine my passion for these women and fashion into one big picture.









By Lindsey Green

2013 Fundraising & Celebration Gala

On the evening of Saturday, September 7, 2013, over 300 people gathered at the Conrad hotel in downtown Indianapolis to celebrate Center for Global Impact’s 5th anniversary.  It was an event to remember!

This was our 3rd annual gala and we were blessed with a record fundraising effort – over $178,000 was raised from incredibly generous donors. These funds will allow us to continue and grow our projects in Cambodia, and we are happy to announce that the new class of Culinary Training Center students is now fully funded! Center for Global Impact could not exist without the continued support & generosity of many.

The video below gives an example of how 2 lives have been impacted by CGI’s programs.  There are also some special “thank you’s” in the video for all those who help make this kind of life-changing impact a reality.

Thank you for helping us empower the poor and open doors for the Gospel!

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Imprint Project


New site of Imprint Project

In 2010, CGIDaughters was launched as a two-year residential program focused on professional seamstress and life skills training for women in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As CGIDaughters now becomes The Imprint Project, we rejoice over the transition between what was and what will be in the future.
As you can see, we are changing because there is now space for it.
For thirteen members of Common Ground Christian Church, there was room for a trip to
Cambodia in May. This trip was especially significant to Nicole Krajewski as her entire family journeyed with her for the first time since her initial visit to Phnom Penh in 2010. As the team engaged with the women of The Imprint Project through Bible lessons and offsite outings, Nicole focused on expanding the product line of The Imprint Project as well as byTavi’s Imprint Collection. Before leaving for this trip, Nicole asked, “What are the parallels between American culture and Cambodian culture?” With her husband and children by her side, perhaps one of the greatest similarities discovered is the desire to see your family thrive in this world.
With that in mind, The Imprint Project has and will continue to equip women with life-skills capable of meeting their physical needs as well as their spiritual ones through the love of Christ. To transform the life of one woman offers the opportunity to transform the life of her family in which they can all thrive. And to transform the life of her family offers the opportunity to transform the life of her community and beyond.
It all starts with one; one woman, one unique identity and fingerprint. And from that,
change begins to take root in Cambodia as there becomes space for it.
By Bethany Rivera

Story of Hope: Chanary

channary-1When I met Chanary two years ago, she would hardly look me in the eye. Her face wore her pain. Her past had its scars, many of which we cannot understand here in Central Indiana.  We welcomed her into the Daughters House, where she was taught the Bible, English, and sewing skills.

We watched her mature over the past two years. Now Chanary is much more confident and hopeful. Her English has immensely improved. When the Green Mango Café and Bakery needed a front hostess and manager, it made sense to offer the position to Chanary, even if it meant a move. She was the oldest girl in cgiDaughters so I knew it was time for her to have more independence.

Now Chanary smiles, she laughs, and she enjoys many new friendships. It brings me great joy to see how God has worked in her life and how she is doing her new job well. Indeed, this is the hope you and I through CGI can give those whose lives have been marred by extreme poverty and at-risk environments.

By Nicole Krajewski