Great Potential Partnership!


This week Alan (Beringer) and I met with Mark Kelly and Kimbra Smith of Destiny Rescue.  Destiny Rescue does some direct interventions in Karaoke Bars to “rescue” girls and then provides a safe house situation.  Their current facility is actually only a couple of miles from where the cgiDaughters house was formerly located.

Currently they are caring for close to a hundred formerly trafficked girls.  As is common to nearly all safe house based ministries they excel in the area of care but struggle in the area of reintegration.  Their interest in CGI is to see if there might be a possibility to partner.  The meeting was very productive and I feel that the possibilities are pretty strong that we will come to an agreement in the next week or so.  If that happens we will sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that will identify specific roles and responsibilities.  Basically the MOU will say that they will be responsible for the residential side of the program and we will be responsible for the vocational training, spiritual formation and life skills components.

It is likely that eight girls from Destiny Rescue will enter the Imprint Project on December 1st.  The program will be for 12 months.  At the end of 12 months the girls who have successfully completed the course will be offered the opportunity to contract with byTavi as a seamstress or move out on their own.

Thanks for being a part of CGI. You ARE making a difference.

Until ALL have heard,


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