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Jessi Connolly speaking at the Influence Conference

This past week, byTavi staff member Whitney Vance and I had the pleasure of attending the Influence Conference. I must be honest in saying we had no idea what we were walking into. Personally, I wondered how all these women could walk into Indianapolis from all over the country and instantly feel comfortable in a sea of 300 other women. I am secretly an introvert so it all seemed way crazy.

But after meeting the leadership, and several of the women working to make this event a success, I understood better. You see, these are all bloggers and social media gurus. They build relationships through the truth of their writing and posting. I started to think about how many face-to-face relationships I have that are shallow and even fake, because it is so easy to stay surface level in front of people. But when you really start digging into the truth of life, and open yourself up on paper (or computers), relationships are built without ever meeting that other woman. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

Thank you, Influence Conference, for opening up my eyes to deep and personal relationships, a new way to look at social media, and for allowing us to share the story of our girls and women at the Center for Global Impact. It was refreshing to tell you all about our friends, our programs, and our mission. We hope that you feel empowered to engage the world and empower other women.

By Kristen Baynai

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