Meet Nary Mao

ImageIn June 2009 Nary joined byTavi as one of the three original seamstresses. As part of a brand-new CGI program, the women shared the same sewing machine to make pillow covers. Nary brought great talent and creativity to the group as they were empowered to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

Nary is now the head manager of byTavi. Overseeing a management team of two and 40 other seamstresses, she is also a valuable asset to the program’s business side. While incredibly busy, she still loves to sew. Her favorite item to make is the quilted hipster as she finds it quite useful in her own daily life.

Nary lives with her supportive husband, two children, and a niece. In her own words, her life is better now because she makes a good salary to help provide for her family. Nary’s free time is spent cooking, studying the Bible, and singing worship songs during church.

CGI is blessed that God has provided strong leaders like Nary to manage the byTavi team. Please pray for her as she grows in her confidence, leadership skills, and relationship with the Lord.

By Kristen Baynai

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