With a sick husband at home, Phally, 31, keeps busy with her three children and mother-in-law and sister-in-law, all who live together near the byTavi workshop. She enjoys sewing byTavi pieces, especially the nested cosmetic bags. Employed at byTavi since April 2011, Phally is grateful to no longer have to work at the factory.

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Beginning May 2012, Somaly, 32, lives near the workshop with her husband, son, and daughter. Somaly likes that she can set her own hours and can take her children with her to work if necessary. Better pay through CGI has improved Somaly’s life. She enjoys learning how to make all of the products.

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Sophal, 31, became a byTavi seamstress in February 2012 when her friend Linda said they were hiring. She enjoys having lots of pieces to sew, the steady income, and learning new skills. Sophal also likes being at home where her husband and three-year-old son keep her busy. Her older son lives with her mother. Sophal’s spare time is spent cooking, cleaning, and washing.

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Dany, 38, lives with her husband and two children in Kandal Province and worships at the Church on Woman Island where she met Tavi. Intrigued by the prospect of learning to sew professionally, she began working at the byTavi workshop in June 2009. She enjoys sewing handbags, but her favorite to make is the elephant coin purse. Dany appreciates CGI’s help in giving her a steady income to provide for her family.

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Invited by her sister, Sokly, 22, has worked at byTavi since December 2009 and appreciates that all of the women there work well together and love each other. Her favorite piece to sew is the elephant coin purse. Sokly is grateful her CGI income provides for her younger brother’s schooling and helps her parents buy food for their family of four. For fun, she helps around the house and leads worship at church.

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Nary-Mao_forweb-2Linda, 40, enjoys sewing and especially enjoys being a professional seamstress at the byTavi workshop near her home. When she first began working there in June 2009, Linda was one of three seamstresses sharing a single sewing machine. She enjoys making the hipster purse because she, too, finds it useful. Linda lives with her husband, two children, and her niece. In her own words, her life is better now because she makes a good salary to help provide for her family. Linda’s free time is spent cooking, studying the Bible, and singing worship songs during church.

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Sreymao-Muang_forweb-2At 27, Chinda finds herself busy taking care of a six month old while working at the byTavi workshop. Chinda, her husband, and son spend the weekends with her mother on Woman Island. What she likes most about working at byTavi is the people she works with and the better income than previous jobs. Chinda also enjoys making all of the products, checking their quality, and teaching others how to sew. She has worked at byTavi with her sister Soriya since October 2010.

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Phanya-Muong_forweb-2Soriya is 19 years old. She has been with the byTavi program since August 2010. She is married and enjoys taking care of her infant daughter. She appreciates the byTavi program because it is family-friendly: she is able to work and make an income to help support them and she enjoys having Saturday and Sunday off to spend time with them. In the workshop, she likes everyone that she works with and is grateful byTavi is a Christian program.  Her favorite pieces to make are the quilted purse and the tote bag.

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Mom-Ngun_forweb-2Pheakdey’s contagious smile says it all—she loves working at byTavi, helping provide for her husband and three children, singing worship songs at work, sewing purses, and being a Christian. Pheakdey especially enjoys making the nested cosmetic and hipster bags. At 35, she remembers a time before December 2009 when she began at byTavi when life was hard and food was scarce. Pheakdey is grateful and feels God blessed her through CGI.

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