Midwest Food Bank event


Inspiration comes in all ages and sizes. 43 kids gave up their Saturday morning to come to the Midwest Food Bank and sort out different toiletry items and giant bags of candy for the hungry and needy families of Indianapolis. However, they did not just come, they came willingly and with excited faces. The entire warehouse at the food bank echoed with the laughter of small children rushing to see who could fill their bags the fastest – so they could fill another bag! Happy voices mingled in with the laughter as the older kids helped the younger kids, as parents stood back and watched their children taking the first steps to changing the future.

When food bank director John Whitaker announced to the room full of excited kids that some families in Indianapolis can not afford to buy little treats for their children, such as candy, disappointment crept onto their faces. He went on to say that a local candy company had donated a lot of candy to the warehouse and that they would be dividing it up and putting it in bags. Their eyes were shining at the mention of candy, but there was joy when John reminded them it wasn’t for them to eat, but to give away. Their excitement was contagious as the parents also started to show signs of eagerness.

The group was divided randomly and half of the kids sorted and stuffed bags of candy, while the other half sorted and stuffed special bags filled with shampoos and soaps. Each child was determined to make sure that these bags were filled exactly like they were supposed to; they were also determined to make as many bags as they could in the time that they had.

So inspiring. Children of all ages coming together to help the poor of Indianapolis. So willing, so nonjudgemental. There is a lot to be learned from the faith of a child, and the unquenchable thirst to know why other kids in the world don’t have everything that they do, and their humble innocence in wanting to help. While we strive to fill our children with good morals and values, our children are instilling us the reminder that we can give unselfishly–even when it’s candy.

By Aimee Davis

-No matter the age, or the shape or the size
helping can be done if we open our eyes

If we follow the steps that our children are taking

We will see tall the changes in lives they are making

So maybe for a while instead of leading,

We should follow our children to see what they’re seeing-

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