Volunteers Matter!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

When the internationally acclaimed singer, Angélique Kidjo, is not wowing audiences with her music, she is often volunteering to help UNICEF advocate for children. As a Goodwill Ambassador, Ms. Kidjo travels to refugee camps and far-flung villages in some of the world’s poorest countries. On a recent trip she met a child soldier and a victim of rape and shared her music with them. “The moment I saw them smile I had won the battle against the solitary confinement they had put themselves in because of their trauma,” she said. “Volunteering matters to me because there are many things all of us can do every day to help others.” (United Nations Volunteers, unv.org) 

Ms. Kidjo is among the millions who volunteer worldwide every year. From the community health volunteer whose medical know-how reaches the most remote places, to the un-trained hand of a Believer passing out sandwiches to the homeless, volunteers are changing lives every day. There are more than 140 million volunteers in the world. Unfortunately, there are many many more who sit at home not sure where to even start.

At CGI, we pray that our volunteers not only know that they are changing lives in Cambodia, but that they can see God’s life-giving hands working through their own lives. We are not here just to feel better about ourselves or our communities, but we are here to see Jesus’ Great Commission coming to fruition. Join us today in Empowering the Poor, Protecting the Vulnerable, and Sharing the Gospel.

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By Kristen Baynai



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