The Beringers in Cambodia

Alan and Katy

Alan and Katy


Alan Beringer is CGI’s Director of Operations in Cambodia. Two years into serving in the mission field–along with his wife Katy and son Jonah–Alan plays a vital role in our organization, connecting the dots between supporters in the States and the day-to-day work of CGI in Cambodia.

He knows the whole package, from the visions of our stateside office to the faces of girls living into that vision. We caught up with Alan for a quick Q&A on what he does, how he does it, and how we can pray for his family.




What is your role with CGI?
I’m Director of Operations in Cambodia.  Basically, I make sure that our projects in Cambodia are running smoothly.

Can you walk us through a typical week in your shoes?

There really isn’t a typical week! But here’s a little bit of my weekly routine: I attend a Khmer language school. (Yes, I continue to learn language; it brings smiles to Cambodians’ faces whenever they hear Katy and I speak Khmer!) I spend time with the CGI office staff reading the Bible and praying. Currently we’re reading the Book of Acts.  My wife, Katy, attends a weekly meeting with the social workers at the Imprint Project, and I spend time at both Imprint and byTavi (only about a 5 minute walk between those buildings) throughout the week. I lead a Bible study with the women of byTavi and we normally end our time with a song.

I observe our Kien Svay Kids program (part of CGI Kids) each week and also learn how to sew with the women at byTavi. We have CGI staff meetings on Fridays and our time is filled with prayer, discussion about the week and staff development. I stay in constant communication with the CGI office Stateside, with regular Skype calls and weekly reports with details of what’s happening in our programs and with the individuals we serve here.

You have a unique view of the fruits of CGI’s programs and projects. What can you tell supporters half a world away about what their efforts are doing in the hearts and lives of the women we serve?
I first want to say thank you for your support of CGI. We would not be where we are without people like you. I have seen first hand how God is moving in our programs and how people’s lives are being transformed and redemption is happening. It’s amazing to me how new program participants come to us with little hope, but after they have been in our programs for a few weeks even, they are filled with joy and hope. God is at work here in Cambodia.

Being in the mission field can be challenging, and requires faith and plenty of prayer support. How can we pray specifically for you and your family?
Please pray that God would continue to give us strength as it would not be possible otherwise.
Please pray that we would stay healthy.
Please pray that we would continue to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit.

Please join us in praying for the Beringer family as they serve the people of Cambodia!

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