Blessings from Kosova


Corey Devereaux with 7-week old baby girl Eljesa

Corey Devereaux, who helped facilitate CGI’s honey production project, shares God’s work in Kosova.

What a blessing it is to visit Hyra in Morinë. Hyra and her sister in-law Raza lost their husbands and some sons in the genocide performed by the Serbian army in 1998-1999. Chris Alexander, Doug Harty and CGI became involved with the family as they wanted to provide a way for the family to improve their weak financial conditions. They also wanted something that would help us build a relationship to share our faith in Jesus.

As usual I was joined by Arben, Shanae, Gillian and Adam. Arben translates for me and is a good friend and fellow brother in the Lord. Shanae is a colleague/teacher at Prishtina High School (PHS). Adam is my roommate and teacher at PHS and Gillian, a good friend, works with Albanian people in the city of Suharekë.

Today we came to visit for three reasons. One, we last saw the family December 26, the day after Christ’s birth. Two, Marigona,Hyra’s daughter in-law, and Ylber, Hyra’s son, had their first baby seven weeks ago. Three, we wanted to share what Easter means to us as believers.

It was a very blessed time of sharing stories, laughing, talking about the last week of Jesus’ life on earth and the resurrection and eating amazing food.

We are all hopeful and are praying that this will be a productive year for honey.  Hyra's Family & FriendsHyra desperately wants to pay us back for everything that we have given so we can help other families. We just want to build relationship and share the Gospel. Hopefully both take place! To the left is a picture of the family. Ylber wasn’table to be there as he was at work. The new baby’s name is Eljesa.

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