Signs of Trafficking

Within CGI, our programs work hard to prevent trafficking. As advocates, we want to push away the risks for sexual slavery before it ever begins. At the same time, we also have The Imprint Project, that is designed to help women who have been rescued and need help re-integrating back into a safe community.

Through these programs, we are able to help women in Cambodia who look to us for help on one side or the other: the “before” or the “after.” Today, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the “in between”… the darkness that is sexual slavery, and the signs that someone is entrapped in it.

It doesn’t just happen in Cambodia, or Southeast Asia, or developing countries. It happens in the US. In our cities, suburbs and sometimes neighborhoods. It’s vital to know the signs of someone who is being forced into sexual slavery, and Love 146 has created a list of ways to recognize them. Take a look and share it. You may save a life.

Signs of Trafficking from Love 146


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