Those of us in the U.S. are beginning to shed our masks, gather with friends, return to work, and get back to a more pre-Covid way of living. But for many people around the world, Covid continues to to be a significant threat; keeping people in their homes, forcing businesses and schools to remain closed, and putting people at risk for not being able to afford or access basic needs such as food.

Sinuon, our Director of Operations in Phnom Penh, recently shared with us about the tremendous need of some of the people most impacted by the current restrictions in place- workers living in the “Red Zone” which continues to have strict pandemic protocols in place, families who rely on scavenging through local garbage for food and other items, and older women in the community who are on their own.

Thanks to the generosity of some of CGI’s supporters, Sinuon was able to coordinate a food pack distribution to provide rice, fish, noodles and Bibles to these individuals.

Below is a message we received from Sinuon after handing out Bibles and food:

“On behalf of all of CGI’s Cambodia Operation, I am writing to thank you for your love, care, support, and especially for the food packages to Cambodia People of Garbage collector, Workers and the poor of old women during the dramatically dire pandemic. By your generosity, CGI here has heard many expressing their feeling of how much they appreciated your in-time help through the Center for Global Impact mission.

Your contribution brought us an enormously new smile, hope, and unconditional love which we strongly believed must have been sent from God by his angels to take care of each of us during the serious crisis. With your support, all of us were not just being survived, but multiple in our family and the neighbors.

Your kindness not just affected our physical but also our emotions. We feel that we have new strength to stand up to fight against the extent Covid-19 by taking care of ourselves to stay healthy and continue serving God’s mission at CGI with all our high commitment.

Your support has made all of the differences and so meaningful to us during this. May the Lord bless you to have good health, happiness, wisdom and success with all things that you hands-on. We are so proud to be CGI’s family.

God bless you in Everything.”

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

-John 6:35