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For those who may read this blog who are planning to travel to Cambodia I will start out with some basic details. First it is always a good to prepare mentally. No matter what route you travel it just takes a long time to get to the other side of the world! Today the route goes to first to Dallas then to Seoul, South Korea and finally, on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. If everything goes as planned the total trip time should be 26 hours and 10 minutes. Things often don’t go as planned so it is good to flexible but as this trip begins I am both hopeful and optimistic!

One fact that you might find interesting. On the trip to Cambodia you actually need to account for some “time travel” because you move forward in time by 11 hours! I know that can mess with your mind. Actually this means that while I am leaving in the morning on Sunday and the trip is just a bit over one full day I will actually arrive at 10:05 PM on Monday night. The good news is that you should gain that time back on three return trip.

An interesting shot of our arrival into Dallas/Fort Worth.


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