A 15 year-old Cambodian girl was asked to stamp her thumbprint signature on agreement papers. The agreement would have forced her into a life of servitude and bondage to a stranger. The girl’s uncle needed money, and saw no other way….

The story has a happy ending, though. CGI was able to intervene and provide another option for this family. But many stories don’t end this way. The signature imprint of a finger can sign away freedom forever. We’ve created the Imprint Project as a way to fight back.

The Imprint Project is an intensive 12-month life skills program that focuses on spiritual formation, general education and vocational seamstress training.

By partnering with organizations that rescue girls from the brothels, we are able to provide aftercare resources and education. Our vision is to bring restoration to these young women and help them reintegrate back into their communities.

  • Life Skills

    We invest in each of these girls by teaching them practical habits for a healthy lifestyle and vital skills for generating a stable income.

  • Holistic Approach

    Additionally, each student is assigned a social worker that stays involved with each student as well as the student’s entire family for a holistic approach to health.

  • Spiritual Formation

    Spiritual formation and Bible studies are an integral part of the Imprint curriculum.