A Future of Hope

photo (1)When I was at the workshop yesterday, Sokheng (the older woman seated on the left) asked if her two nieces and their cousin could be included in the byTavi program.  I told her she should ask Nary, who had already sent her to me.  This led to the three of us, plus Vibol, sitting down to talk.  Apparently all three girls arrived from the countryside on Monday.  They were sent to the city by family to stay with Sokheng and work in a factory.  Both Sokheng and Nary fear that without a safe network these girls will be taken advantage of by factory supervisors.  The girls are not here by their choice.  They are petrified, and they do not want to work at the factory.  The youngest is 16.  Knowing the risk Sokheng and Nary asked if they could be a part of byTavi.  Long story short, we now have three new seamstresses-in-training.

In many ways this story represents why byTavi exists.  We can help these girls and create a situation where they can help their families.  We can prevent them being forced into a high-risk situation and place them in a healthy multi-generational, Christ-centered environment.  The future for these three girls is now full of hope and potential.
Until ALL have heard,
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