Empower the Poor on Black Friday!

cm2013ABlack Friday? This week, it’s more like Black FIVEday!

That’s right! byTavi is extra affordable this Black FIVEday as so many of our byTavi classics are only five dollars this week! (don’t live near teh byTavi store?  check out our Cyber Monday deals too!)

And that’s not all. When you come into byTavi at 6 am this Friday you’ll get a free donut and coffee breakfast, plus the possibility to win a byTavi Emergency Kit (which includes a hipster, t-shirt and scarf) when you sign up to host a trunk show.

We know you have choices when it comes to your dollars. By shopping wisely this week, you can give the gift of byTavi to friends and family and help create stability for an at-risk woman in our sewing program in Cambodia. Your purchase of beautiful handmade items becomes even more beautiful when you get a glimpse of what they stand for: freedom from poverty.

We hope to see you at our CGI store in Greenwood bright and early Friday morning.This will be the best Black Friday event yet, as we use the power of our purchases to make a truly global impact.  And if not – check out our Cyber Monday deals online!

By Whitney Vance/Caroline Mosey

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