cgiKids exists to encourage and equip kids to use their God-given passions and abilities to make a difference that can impact the world!


You can be a missionary right where you are!

Here’s how:


  • clean water ($12)

  • school uniform and shoes ($15)

  • school backpack and supplies ($20)

  • food ($25)

  • health check-up ($30)

  • bike ($50)

  • playground ($500)

  • moto for the family ($800)

  • family project ($50-$300)

    Start a family with a project that will provide food or income long-term:
    – chickens
    – mushrooms
    – pigs
    – garden



Like missionaries around the world, you must raise money to accomplish your mission! How can you do that?

For these three, we help make these missions easy by providing a specialized kit to get you started:

Or choose another idea, like:

Or get creative! Come up with an idea unique to YOU!


Get your FREE Mission Resource Kit.

Tell us your plan, and  we’ll send you some basic items to help you get started!


We will send you a photo from Cambodia, showing you who you impacted and how!

Your hard work and passion has truly impacted children halfway around the world! Share your experience with your friends and encourage them to become a missionary too!



We put together a list of resources to help you learn more. Check it out!

Invite us to your school, church group, or VBS!

We would love to come to your school, church, or VBS and share stories of how kids just like you are impacting the world! It’s an easy way for you to reach even more people with stories about how they can change the world with you!