Changing the Future


The Culinary Training Center (CTC) in Cambodia creates an opportunity for a very specific and strategic way to push back against poverty and trafficking. When vulnerable girls become equipped with marketable, lifelong skills like the ones taught at the Green Mango Cafe in Cambodia, life changes. The future changes.

CGI is fortunate to have Chef Ryana DeArmond in Cambodia to train students in the skill and art of cooking. And it doesn’t stop at cooking. Students learn about finances, customer service, shopping efficiently, and managing time and resources. These are skills they can take with them into the workforce for years to come, earning a living for themselves and their families without resorting to desperate measures.

And, as Chef Ryana notes in a recent update, the curriculum is working! The girls are learning quickly and the Green Mango Cafe is growing as a result.

“The second class of girls have advanced faster then we expected. On June 3, they began their internship in the restaurant, which enabled us to open for dinner! Over the next 9 months, the students will rotate through 6 stations (Server, Cashier, Drinks, Head Cook, Sous Chef, and Baker). They rotate through the stations to gain a well-rounded education and become more desirable employees for other restaurants in the future.”

We’re thankful for the way God is using the Culinary Training Program to change the futures of these women!

By Caroline Mosey/Ryana DeArmond

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