Story of Hope: Chanary

channary-1When I met Chanary two years ago, she would hardly look me in the eye. Her face wore her pain. Her past had its scars, many of which we cannot understand here in Central Indiana.  We welcomed her into the Daughters House, where she was taught the Bible, English, and sewing skills.

We watched her mature over the past two years. Now Chanary is much more confident and hopeful. Her English has immensely improved. When the Green Mango Café and Bakery needed a front hostess and manager, it made sense to offer the position to Chanary, even if it meant a move. She was the oldest girl in cgiDaughters so I knew it was time for her to have more independence.

Now Chanary smiles, she laughs, and she enjoys many new friendships. It brings me great joy to see how God has worked in her life and how she is doing her new job well. Indeed, this is the hope you and I through CGI can give those whose lives have been marred by extreme poverty and at-risk environments.

By Nicole Krajewski



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