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In 2010, CGIDaughters was launched as a two-year residential program focused on professional seamstress and life skills training for women in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As CGIDaughters now becomes The Imprint Project, we rejoice over the transition between what was and what will be in the future.
As you can see, we are changing because there is now space for it.
For thirteen members of Common Ground Christian Church, there was room for a trip to
Cambodia in May. This trip was especially significant to Nicole Krajewski as her entire family journeyed with her for the first time since her initial visit to Phnom Penh in 2010. As the team engaged with the women of The Imprint Project through Bible lessons and offsite outings, Nicole focused on expanding the product line of The Imprint Project as well as byTavi’s Imprint Collection. Before leaving for this trip, Nicole asked, “What are the parallels between American culture and Cambodian culture?” With her husband and children by her side, perhaps one of the greatest similarities discovered is the desire to see your family thrive in this world.
With that in mind, The Imprint Project has and will continue to equip women with life-skills capable of meeting their physical needs as well as their spiritual ones through the love of Christ. To transform the life of one woman offers the opportunity to transform the life of her family in which they can all thrive. And to transform the life of her family offers the opportunity to transform the life of her community and beyond.
It all starts with one; one woman, one unique identity and fingerprint. And from that,
change begins to take root in Cambodia as there becomes space for it.
By Bethany Rivera
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