Tran Sreyngao Says Thank You

Tran Sreygnao is a 2020 graduate of CGI’s Imprint Project. Recently, she reached out to our staff in Phnom Penh to ask if she could share a video to express her thanks for the training and love she received during her time in the program. Tran asked that we share her story because she wants her life to be an encouragement to future students and to CGI’s supporters.

Click here to watch Tran’s video. Most of her video is done in Cambodian Sign Language (CSL), though parts of it are done in American Sign Language (ASL). Below is a written version of her video:

Dear Everyone,
My name is Tran Sreygnao. I’m 31-year-old. I live with my family at Kratie province with the small tailor shop in my village. I am a deaf person and I was selected and supported by Center for Global Impact and Deaf Development Program organization. I was an Imprint Student of CGI, and I had graduated in the year of July 2020.
First of all, I would like to say Thanks to CGI’s Teachers, and all the Leadership team that allowed me to learn with the sewing training. I’m so grateful to all things that you blessed me especially the good sewing skills, and it can change my life to be a better person. Through your helps, I believe strongly that this fruitful that I have gained from CGI will support my living life last long.
CGI has a big heart of blessing to me even though I was looked down by many people that I was no value. I have been ignored due to I cannot speak, but CGI is giving me a new hope, love, care, and the specific skills in my life. It’s not just me, but I could see that Center for Global Impact has been blessing to many deaf students, and other broken lives. I’m so appreciated that CGI has been blessing to my life with sewing training, life skills, and other more subjects during the year of training. CGI has not given up on me after graduated, but even support me more with the packaged of finance that allowed me to operate my tailor shop at my hometown and mostly keep me in following up.
My life is getting much better, and I cannot forget with all of this goodness that Center for Global Impact’s Teachers and Leadership Team have blessed to my life. Without your support, my life will not be changed, and I cannot be a better person like today.
I wish and ask God to bless to Center for Global Impact, and Leadership Team with a good luck, healthy, and expand more works to reach out more people lives as what you have done to my life.
Thank you so much.
Tran Sreyngao