We Love Our byTavi Advocates!

Jack Meyer modeling for the camera!

Jack Meyer modeling for the camera!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Are you ready for the holidays? We at byTavi are gearing up for a fun fall season where our events and sales go through the roof. What a blessing it is to be a part of a cause that allows us to empower women through the gifts that we buy. In contemplating this blog post, I just keep thinking of all the people who have blessed us through this year. I’d like to highlight some of those people for their commitment and creativity and do hope that it may spur you to bring byTavi into your life as well.

This summer, we had a volunteer host a garage sale with all proceeds being donated to CGI. She raised over $1,000! Not only that, she also sold the byTavi products for over $500.

Over the past year, two women have committed a full day a week to the byTavi office & store. They have packed, tagged, and inventoried thousands of items and have been such a great support to our staff. Our events are completely volunteer run and we could not even get to those events without women like them.

My own family hosted an auction at our family reunion this fall. Everybody brought in their own item donations and auctioned them off to benefit CGI. With a matching grant from my cousin’s company, we raised over $10,000! My favorite part was when my grandpa modeled one of the new Imprint Dresses for $100. (You can see that photo above!)

Because the majority of byTavi is volunteer run, all of our men and women are essential to our growth. This year, January – August, we are 22% ahead of where we were at this point in 2012. This would not be possible without our advocates all over the nation. Thank you for making byTavi a part of your story. You are truly making a difference in many lives.

By Kristen Baynai

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