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DSC_0081 (1)We are constantly overwhelmed by the opportunities that God provides for byTavi in the United States. It seems that every time we turn around, God has opened a door for a major event, or saved us a prime spot at a conference, or gives us the opportunity for a great marketing tool for FREE! This last example is exactly what happened a few weeks ago…

Have you heard of Vine? Vine is a mobile app that allows its users to create and post six second videos that can be shared on social networking services, such as Twitter and Facebook. Several weeks ago, Brandin6 approached us about running a Vine contest. Whoever came up with the best Vine video about byTavi, would win a cash prize.

Well, what does this mean for byTavi? It means that we were featured on the main page of Vine and Brandin6, people who never knew we existed, were now creating videos about us, and the word spread like wildfire. We are so grateful for this opportunity that we thought we’d share it with you. We are so thankful for @hunrharrison who created the winning video.

Check out “Happy Hands make Happy Handbags” here:

You can also check out ALL of the byTavi videos here: http://www.brandin6.com/bytavi.html

by Kristen Baynai

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