How to Pray for CGI in Cambodia

Here at CGI, we pour a lot of our time and effort into our programs in Cambodia. The Imprint Project, byTavi, CGI Kids and the Culinary Training Center are all designed to protect and invest in the poor and vulnerable. We’re so excited about these programs and the huge difference they continually make it the lives of the participants. But we know that God’s plans are always bigger than ours, and because of that, prayer is the greatest and most effective tool we have.

In light of this, we wanted to share specific prayer needs from Cambodia. We would be honored if you’d join us in interceding for the staff and participants there.

Culinary Training Center

-Pray for increased business at both the Green Mango and Red Chili restaurants.

-Pray for the staff and the girls who work and train at the restaurants. Many are facing difficult situations in their personal lives that sometimes affects their education and work experience.


-Pray for continued growth in sales for the products the women work so hard to create.

Imprint Project

-Pray for the emotional and spiritual health of the participants, particularly one young woman who has recently discovered health problems with a baby she is carrying. Cambodian doctors have encouraged her to abort and she is facing difficult decisions.

-Pray that the Holy Spirit would work inside the hearts of the participants as they begin to learn about Jesus in their Bible studies.

CGI Kids

-Pray for the children’s well-being as they enter into a 2 month summer break.

-Pray for staff member Srey Leak as she meets with the children often throughout the break, and for the health of her father.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer.



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