Why is there dirt in the water daddy? Who would drink that?


At first glance, it looked like any other bottle of water sitting on a store display table. It only took Mackenzie and Zachary one closer look, though, to see that something was very wrong. Even as young children, they recognized that an unopened bottle of water should not be filled with dirt, sticks, and other debris.

Their sincere and troubled response was, “Why is there dirt in that water, Daddy? Who would drink that?” It was a powerful moment as they stared as pictures of little boys and girls around the world – who appeared to be the same ages as Mackenzie and Zachary – who are forced every day to drink water full of dirt and disease. At that moment a simple bottle of dirty water was transformed into a CGI Kids story.

Their decision to make an impact around the world would help provide children with clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. They began to do extra chores and set money aside until they finally had what they believed was enough.

Mackenzie and Zachary talked with CGI President Chris Alexander and learned  he was getting ready to travel to Cambodia . He told them that he was going to visit little boys and girls that live on an island who have no access to clean water. This CGI Kids story resulted in three families being dramatically impacted. Two of those families live on an island half-way around the world and who now have clean water because two kids from central Indiana decided to make a difference. Mackenzie and Zachary’s decision to make a difference impacted our family, too. Now our family’s vision is to, “…help other people around the world and at home.”

Incredible things can be achieved when kids are empowered to use their creativity and passion to make a difference in the lives of other children. What are your talents and interests? Start writing your CGI Kids story today.