FUN: Par for the Course!

Golf Scramble PuttUsually I don’t pre-pay and register to make a fool of myself. I can do that for free.  But I’m considering it this time because it’s for a great cause.  With CGI’s annual Empower Golf Outing on the horizon (Friday morning, June 7, in case you’re wondering), I’m seriously considering digging out my 1976 vintage Patty Berg starter set. That alone is an act of faith!

Last year over $7,000 was raised in CGI’s inaugural golf outing at Winding River Golf Course. What a blessing! The day was picture perfect , too.  For me, hanging out with Aimee Davis, Whitney Vance, Kristi (Dormady) Monroy, and Vanessa Alexander made me feel 30 years younger. This year I expect CGI’s volunteer coordinator Kristen Baynai to continue the “fun” in this annual fundraiser. But what’s fun if we can’t share it?Golf Scramble017 (1)

So I’m challenging you who golf or who have golfed to come join us. The early bird registration ( ends Wednesday, May 1, if you’d like to save $10 on your entry fee. Or you can even register the day of the event if you’re a weather watcher. Plus as an extra bonus, you may even see an exciting four-some of retro golfers closing out the pack. Handicaps R-Us!

By Joyce Long / Photos by: Aimee Davis

Meet Sokhoeun!

ImageSokhoeun, the Culinary Training Center’s newest staff member, isn’t there because of  food. Instead she focuses on the students—their lives, their families, and their well-being. She enjoys her new position as CGI’s social worker in Battambang, Cambodia.

“I want to help poor families, especially the children. I want to see them have a good future and occupation. Also I like to work with the government.”

Sokhoeun with CGI President Chris Alexander visiting a poor family in Battambang.

Sokhoeun with CGI President Chris Alexander visiting a poor family in Battambang.

A graduate of the University of Battambang, she previously worked four years for Homeland and the last year and half at KNK Orphanage.  Sokhoeun has two brothers and three sisters. Currently she lives with and takes care of her 62-year-old father, who was widowed when her mother died in 2007 from a motorcycle accident caused by slick roads.

Spending time with the girls and their families, identifying needs, and keeping good records keep her busy. Cultivating community contacts also plays a significant role in her work.

In Sokhoeun’s spare time, she likes to stay home and spend time with her friends. She also enjoys spoiling her 4-year-old nephew and 8-month-old niece although they live in a distant province.

When sampling selections from Green Mango Cafe’s extensive menu, Sokhoeun usually favors the Asian salad. At the Culinary Training Center, she joins a staff that includes Ryana DeArmond, resident culinary training chef, LyPhalla, assistant program administrator, and Nary, server-in-training.

Blessings from Kosova


Corey Devereaux with 7-week old baby girl Eljesa

Corey Devereaux, who helped facilitate CGI’s honey production project, shares God’s work in Kosova.

What a blessing it is to visit Hyra in Morinë. Hyra and her sister in-law Raza lost their husbands and some sons in the genocide performed by the Serbian army in 1998-1999. Chris Alexander, Doug Harty and CGI became involved with the family as they wanted to provide a way for the family to improve their weak financial conditions. They also wanted something that would help us build a relationship to share our faith in Jesus.

As usual I was joined by Arben, Shanae, Gillian and Adam. Arben translates for me and is a good friend and fellow brother in the Lord. Shanae is a colleague/teacher at Prishtina High School (PHS). Adam is my roommate and teacher at PHS and Gillian, a good friend, works with Albanian people in the city of Suharekë.

Today we came to visit for three reasons. One, we last saw the family December 26, the day after Christ’s birth. Two, Marigona,Hyra’s daughter in-law, and Ylber, Hyra’s son, had their first baby seven weeks ago. Three, we wanted to share what Easter means to us as believers.

It was a very blessed time of sharing stories, laughing, talking about the last week of Jesus’ life on earth and the resurrection and eating amazing food.

We are all hopeful and are praying that this will be a productive year for honey.  Hyra's Family & FriendsHyra desperately wants to pay us back for everything that we have given so we can help other families. We just want to build relationship and share the Gospel. Hopefully both take place! To the left is a picture of the family. Ylber wasn’table to be there as he was at work. The new baby’s name is Eljesa.

A Shared Passion


Linda Thomas and the ladies of byTavi in their Ignite t-shirts – July 2011.

Ignite Women shares a passion with byTavi for seeing women set free – spiritually, as well as physically.  During Ignite’s recent Bible study, Vanessa Alexander shared how lives are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ through the work of CGI.

Linda Thomas, Ignite leader and author of In Step with the Spirit, also shared her passion for the women and girls of Cambodia. Having traveled to Cambodia in 2011, Linda visited the byTavi workshop along with the Daughters program and the Culinary Training Center (now including the Green Mango Café & Bakery). Linda encouraged the ladies of Ignite to express their faith through love (Galatians 5:6) for the at-risk girls in Cambodia. In this case, that meant SHOPPING! Purses, totes, and messenger bags, along with an assortment of scarves and “Make More Than a Fashion Statement” t-shirts, were available.

CGI appreciates partnerships such as Ignite. In 2010, Ignite leaders specifically prayed they would make an impact “around the world.” God has answered that prayer.

If you are a woman – regardless of age or church affiliation – we encourage you to visit Ignite online: www.Ignite Read more