Mid-Life Crisis


They say you only turn 40 once.  Well my once in a lifetime opportunity is just 17 days away.  I suppose I could look at it as my opportunity to have a mid-life crisis.  But instead, I want to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to try and raise money for the ministry I am blessed to be part of…and try to have some fun while doing so!  My goal is to raise $10,000 over the next 17 days leading up to my birthday on November 17th.  Will you help make this crazy goal a reality?!?

Here’s the challenge-  
Make a donation to CGI anytime from November 1 through November 17 and designate the donation in honor of “Nathan’s Mid-Life Crisis.”  Here’s the fun part, for different levels of donations, I will endure different levels of mid-life humiliation (all in good fun).
$40-$399 = I will take a shaving cream pie in the face
$400-$3,999 = Shaving cream pie in face + face sprayed off with garden hose
$4,000 & above = Shaving cream pie in face + face sprayed off with garden hose + fall backwards into baby pool full of ice water
For each donation, the donor will receive an emailed personal ‘thank you’ video from me enduring the appropriate level of mid-life humiliation.  I’m sure there’s a good chance some of the videos may even be posted on Facebook.
All this silliness is being done to continue to make an impact on the serious issues of extreme poverty and human trafficking, with the ultimate hope that those we serve here at CGI will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
So join in the fun, donate, make me do stupid stuff…but most of all help bring hope in the name of Jesus to a broken world.
Almost 40,
Make on online donation HERE.  Be sure to put “Nathan’s Mid-Life Crisis” in the notes section.
Or mail a check to 3830 E. Southport Rd, Ste A2, Indianapolis, IN 46237 with a note designating it as “Nathan’s Mid-Life Crisis”.  Also include your email address so you can receive your Thank You Video.