Paying It Forward

The Culinary Training Center (CTC) is an 18-month training program that teaches kitchen and restaurant management skills to at-risk girls.

Located in Battambang, Cambodia, the CTC is complemented by a CGI-operated restaurant: The Green Mango Cafe and Bakery. In addition to a culinary education, students gain service experience in the restaurant and receive job placement assistance as they prepare to graduate.

Learning a valuable skill, like being a chef, empowers girls out of poverty and allows them to start creating a hope-filled future. It is a life-changing program that impacts not only the student, but their families and the communities in which they live, as people see first-hand the transformation that happens over the course of the program.

Recently, some of the graduates as well as CTC staff received a request to help train girls from another organization to make lattes, espressos, and other delicious coffee drinks. This was a huge honor for the staff and graduates of the CTC and an incredible opportunity to pass along not only their skill but also to empower others who come from backgrounds similar to their own.

At CGI we are so incredibly proud of these young women for “paying it forward” and helping other girls, much like them, find pathways out of poverty. We have seen many instances of the lives of our students being transformed by Christ through the CTC program and it is a tremendous blessing to see such work being duplicated! Praise God for this blessing, and we pray there are many more opportunities and moments like this to celebrate together.

Your monthly gifts to CGI are critical to the continuation of such programs. Thank you so very much for being part of the work being done in Cambodia!


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