Moody Pastor’s Conference

Booth at Moody's Pastor's Conference

Booth at Moody’s Pastor’s Conference

Last week, CGI staff piled into a rental car–which turned out to be just a little too small!–to travel to Chicago for Moody Bible Institute’s Pastor’s Conference. It was a great opportunity to meet hundreds of pastors that lead church nationwide and get them excited about the work CGI is doing to combat poverty and trafficking in Cambodia.

CGI’s heart is to engage people here in the U.S. to make a positive impact for those in Cambodia. We want to do that through God’s people–congregations and individuals across the country. At the conference, we provided resources to these pastors to do just that. We showed them how to connect with CGI to learn about how mission and then engage.

But this opportunity isn’t just for pastors! We invite YOU to be part of the solution as well. You can play a vital role in empowering the poor, protecting the innocent and sharing the Gospel. Discover creative ways others have done this on our “Do Something” page on our website.

By Whitney Vance

byTavi: How I Got Involved


photo-93Two years ago I went to a craft show at North Daviess High School in Odon, Indiana.

A representative of CGI had a booth set up there and was selling byTavi bags. I asked about the purses because they were so beautifully made. She told me the background of the product line, which touched my heart as I’ve always had a heart for missions.

I bought a few of the bags and was very happy with them. Different people at work and at church commented on the purses and said they would love to have one. I contacted CGI and told them I would like to host a trunk show. The purses sold like hotcakes! Then I had other people who wanted to take them to work and sell them as well.

I have lost count of how many I have sold but I know everyone loves the byTavi products. I have been selling them for two years now and I love to do it! I know that it is for a good cause but it is also a very good product as well. I have set up tables at the park and sold purses and have even had shows right out of my car. I have never had trouble selling the products, because they truly sell themselves!

I really enjoy being an advocate of byTavi and will continue as long as I can. One day soon I would like to go to Cambodia to meet the ladies face-to-face that sew these beautiful bags.

By Donna Jennings

Red Chili Countdown

Painting interior last week

Painting interior last week

We are just days away from the grand opening of the Red Chili Mexican Grill in Battambang!

This is an exciting step for CGI and the girls in our Culinary Training Program. Would you consider supporting this new venture?

There are TWO ways you can invest in the Kingdom work being carried out in Battambang.

-PRAY for the success of the Red Chili, and pray for the staff and the at-risk women who will be involved in its operations

-SUPPORT the Culinary Training Center financially. Click here to learn about available sponsorships.



3rd Annual Golf Outing


Are you a golfer?

Are you someone who enjoys being outside and hanging out with friends?

Are you someone who believes in empowering the impoverished and helping them recover hope?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, make it a point to attend CGI’s annual golf outing this year! Not only will you be helping at-risk women in Cambodia break free from poverty, you’ll be having a great time doing it! This event will be a relaxed time to connect with others who share in God’s vision for Cambodia and play golf for an important cause.

The event will be held on Friday, June 13 at Winding River Golf Course. Click here to register!

Jeremy Vanderloop Concert

photo-92A few days ago, CGI had the honor of hosting a night of coffee and music at Foundry Provisions in downtown Indy. Jeremy Vanderloop was our special guest artist and he was fantastic!

Jeremy was a great balance of energy and “chill.” He had children dancing at his feet for some songs, and did some beautiful takes on classic hymns, too. At the end of his show, he passed out cards with photos of children being sponsored through his tour and asked us to pray for the child on the card in our hands. I had this amazing moment talking to God and realizing how much His heart must break every night when a child goes to bed hungry. I’m not sure if I’ve ever stopped to consider the depth of this, or if its my own current pregnancy that drove it home, but it was an emotional realization.

God loves us in a way that we will never understand. But he doesn’t just love middle and upper class Americans. His heart breaks as children go to bed starving and young girls are sold into trafficking, as teenage boys are turned into ruthless soldiers. Take some time to think about God’s love for ALL people. Share that with somebody today. Remind your children there are families with far less than we have. Give someone a hug and tell them you love them. You never know the impact you may be having on another.

If you want more information on how to make an impact in your community and beyond, check out

By Kristen Baynai

CGI Kids Gardening Project

photo-90Last year, CGI Kids were given an opportunity to support one of our vocational training programs in Cambodia–the Culinary Training Center. Kids interested in helping were given a tomato plant and a 5 gallon bucket with instructions to grow in their own backyards.

After tending the plants throughout the summer, the tomatoes were then sold at a local farmers’ market. The money they earned was sent to the Culinary Training Center in Battambang, Cambodia, where it was used to start a garden. The culinary students at Green Mango Cafe were able to grow their own produce, all because of the generosity and hard work of kids here at home! It was a beautiful picture of our global connectedness.

So this year, we’re doing it again! Any kids who are interested in helping support CGI’s Culinary Training Center can come to our Greenwood office (2650 Fairview Place, Suite W) and pick up their own 5 gallon bucket, tomato plant and growing instructions May 12-16.

Join us in this fun, easy way to support the women of CGI!

A Day in Kien Svay

Dr. Jeremy Roscoe serves on the CGI Board and is spending time in Cambodia this month with CGI’s program participants and staff. He’s been busy doing medical clinics, encouraging and serving this week, and we wanted to share a few excerpts from his latest blog entry about a day spent with CGI’s Kien Svay Kids. Check it out!


Today was awesome! We got to see and participate in Kien Svay kids activities. These are 15 kids that CGI kids sponsors to get them in school, tutor, help their families, get water filters, and teach them about Jesus!

There is a teacher that spends every Thursday afternoon teaching these 15 kids and about 15 others that want to come, too. They learn a Bible story, English, Khmer (their native language), get a snack, and have fun! Then she spends the rest of her week visiting their houses, making sure they are studying and checking on their home life, siblings, parents, job situations, food, and health. These kids have gone from the bottom of their class at school to the upper half now since she has been working with them!

So today I got to teach the English lesson. They were learning the phrase, “What is this?” “This is ______.” So we went around the room pointing to pictures practicing. It was most fun to hear them say zebra. They had a snack, then I broke out the noisemakers. It was hilarious to hear them all running around blowing their horns! Then Sreyleak (their teacher) said they’d like to play a game. We went out to the play area and then she said, “Ok, you make up the game!” All we had was a beach ball, so I quickly made up some bases, and we had the very first game of Cambodian kickball ever in Kien Svay- kids against adults. They laughed and squealed the whole time.

So let me tell you why this was even more impressive. Today is a holiday in Cambodia, Labor Day. There is no work or school. And 30 kids showed up at school on a 100 degree day to learn about Jesus and English.

God is Good, all the time.

By Dr. Jeremy Roscoe

Want to donate to Kien Svay Kids? Click here!