Reaksa’s* Story

Rescued from desperate life situations where she used to do everything she could to help her parents get out of debt, Reaksa came to us from one of CGI’s partner ministries. Her homeImprintSewingCrop village is three hours away from the city and she dreamed of being a clothing seamstress. Sadly, she could not make enough money to help pay off the debt and to go to a sewing school. Because of generous partners like you, CGI was able to accept her into the Imprint Project, a program focused on developing students holistically while also teaching sewing skills. She was excited when she knew that her dream would come true. When she started she did not know anything about sewing but after being in our program for 10 months, she now can design and sew clothes with confidence. She also helps other students when they have questions about sewing. She likes to help other students and is very friendly.

Furthermore, she loves to be part of the Life Skills Class. “Now I know about being a good person, wife, and parent. I understand about emotional health and stress [management],” said Reaksa.

Her other favorite part of the Imprint Project is the devotion time each morning. She likes to share with her friends about what God has done in her life. “The daily devotion helps me to be closer to God.”

Reaksa has also improved in her general education since she started at grade level four and has now progressed to the next level.

She plans to work at CGI’s byTavi workshop when she graduates from the Imprint Project in July. She also hopes to have her own sewing machine so that she can continue using her sewing skills at home in the evenings and weekends to earn extra income.

*name has been changed