Merry Christmas from Phnom Penh!


CGI Staff in Phnom Penh

Merry Christmas!

We want to express our deepest gratitude to each of you. Your support has made a world of difference in our ministry in 2014. We’ve been able to complete our first year of the Imprint Project, expand our Culinary Training Center and restaurants in Cambodia, invest in the lives and education of young children through Kien Svay Kids, expand our byTavi line and provide lunches for our byTavi staff, bring on additional team members in both the U.S. and Cambodia, educate hundreds of people on the issues of poverty and trafficking, share the Gospel with the beautiful people of Cambodia and so much more!

You’ve freely given of  your time, finances, talents and prayers to further our work in Cambodia, and we can’t thank you enough.

Merry Christmas from all of us at CGI.


Kien Svay Kids Christmas Party!

DSC04185The Kien Svay Kids recently had a Christmas party! It was a fun day of celebrating how hard they’ve been working, having the chance to open small gifts, and learn about the Savior we celebrate this time of year. There was lots of laughter, games and snacks!

This program has been a huge blessing to the kids involved. Kien Svay is a very poor province in Cambodia and we’ve seen marked improvement in the kids’ grades since entering the program. It’s a place where at-risk children can learn, grow and be known.

Please keep these precious children in your prayers, as well as their tireless teacher, Srey Leak.